The Quantum

Everyone is talking about the " quantum", but how do we integrate it into our lives? On the web one can find many different definitions - I will let you do your own research in order to form your own opinion.

However, the definitions on the web do not always correspond with my inner feelings. And so I will
allow myself to propose my definition which resonates with my own "quantum" work.

We can replace the word "quantum" with the term : the "Multidimensional Life Impulse Energy".

It is a multidimensional vibration, unlimited in its frequencies, and thus in its manifestations. It is at our disposition, without limits! For me that is a very important point.

Here is an example: let us transpose that to a human being, a person here in the present now. She will be in a certain state of consciousness "X" and will have access to information written in her Multidimensional Life Impulse field of the moment, at the quantum frequency of the instant - do you follow me?

Now the same person in a state of consciousness "X" finds herself opposite to 2 other persons at the same time, for the same research, the same questioning: their answers will be eventually opposite, paradoxical, totally different.


Because the energy of the Multidimensional Life Impulse (the synergy of the quantum frequencies)
will answer differently to the synergy put in place by the one or the other person present. This could be a wonderful blessing, but also very confusing.

And so this same group gets together a week later - and it will be totally different again being that everyone will be in another state of consciousness- and the expression of their Multidimensional Life Impulse (the expression of their quantum field) will also bevaried...multidimensional, thus unlimited in its expressions!

I have, of course, over simplified it. I realize that, but it is with that material that I conceive my work.

It is with the help of this vibration unlimited in its manifestations and potentials {that the magic of
Change and Joy can begin to install in our life.}


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