The Free Will

This is an aspect of the multi-facetted you.

"Decide, make your choices, yes or no?- to not choose is also a choice...etc." Every choice has its
consequences, partly predictable but above all unknown - as one cannot control the movement
of energy, the vibration of Life.

For example : am I getting out of bed today, am I changing my profession, do I
continue this relationship or not, does my body need to eat meat or not ... etc

Free will is an aspect of you. It is very complex, intangible and at the same time very active in your life, in your personality, which can be used consciously over and over again.}

Free will has nothing to do with a strong will in the personality.

Free will is also a multidimensional consciousness - all the aspects that make up who you are, make the
choice - for example to incarnate, to be/to accept the light or not ...which influences the course
of Life !

To be aware that each of you have the power to choose what you want to create or live - it's
fantastic !


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