The Consciousness


Consciousness is vibratory and evolutionary. It is creative and is an entire part of the "All". Conscious-
ness is always connected to the heart, this inner sacred space. Here are a few facets...

Consciousness is the integration of information from all dimensions of the body, through feeling.
The information comes from multiple dimensions- your own book of life, the book of the Earth, the
book of the galaxy; in other words all of your experiences form the book of your divinity.

Consciousness is knowing your inner self,through the heart - it is Joy.

The motor of consciousness is free will.

Consciousness is the Joy of the universal wisdom emitted by the sacred vibrations of colours,
sounds ... emitted by everything ( even stones and concrete ).

Consciousness allows the integration of all your human and sacred aspects.

Consciousness also allows us to make the connection between " the sea of consciousness- the
creation" and the present moment.

And of course this is only a very small look into a very vast subject.