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Since quiet a long time in my practice as a therapist I am using some aspects of state of modified consciousness, formes of clairvoyance.
Since several years now I am using the channeling in groupes, like "Essence evenings" - and since several months for individual sessions .
this tool is for the one who chooses to have a moment from them to them, for thei own evolution.
Taking an appointement is a sacred moment you offer yourself, in the intetion to meet yourself in a sacred and safe space.
The invisible Beeings , present through th channel, are here for supperting you in your evolution, growing, allowing you to have a better comprehension of yourself. You are allways your own Master, you still have your free will to accept or to refuse what they have been thaught, said, explained, duggested or even proposed - use your discernment.
the channeling belongs to my choices of growing, a choice of a relationship with some frequences like Master Adama, Master Héléos ... and others.
The way they present themselves:

Master Adama:
He is a mulidimenssionnal Beeing from the inner part of the Earth. He and I, we have a contract of Joy and the possibility of transmission - the aim of this contract is to allow yourself to recognize yourself, to recognize your evolution and to recognize the sacred Beeing you are.

Master Héléos:
He belongs to the galactic brotherhood - he connects with you in the Joy of the moment. If you choose so, it allows yourself to unifie yourself in the sacred moment of the present.

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" Mediumnity, Channeling"

Some Ideas around Mediumnity, Channeling


The appointements for the channelings

I welcome you, the Mondays, 15 minutes before the given appointement time.

A meeting with channeling, with questionning, without any treatment, one hour, is at 200.-CHF

A meeting with channeling with only a treatment, around 45 min to an hour is at 200.-CHF

A channeling plus a treatment, around 1h30 to 1h45 is at 300.-CHF

The place: Av. de Morges
1027 Lonay

Natel: 41 (0)79 821 91 33, e-mail,contact

Remember to take a recorder with you, if you want to listen again to the channeling.

All the appointements not cancelled 24h before the scheduled time, they will be invoiced - thank's for your comprehension!


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