The Organizers

My Friends Present Themselves

Kamali (Annemarie Treuthardt)

At the time, I was teacher.
My life transformed after a bereavement.
I decided to find, in myself, the Joy and the Inner Peace and the reason why I am here on earth.
I descover through some formations, workshops, lectures, the multipple aspects of the Beeing I am.
Now I have the desire to share and transmit my experiences, my knowingness - so everybody has the
possibility in his experience to bring out from deep from his heart the vibration of the Joy and create so his life.

(approximativ translation/ Adamael)


Catherine Witschi

Catherine is comming out of the world of health.
She likes to search in the different domains of science, health and spirituality.
She supports people in freeing them from some limited beliefs systems, so they become creator of their own life.


(approximativ translation Adamael)


Anne-Chantal Dogny

Women, mother, director of a business, and now, since a short time, grand-mother, yes the Life is

an experience.

My greatest descovery? The sacred.

The sacred aspect of Earth, I am walking on, and I Am walking on.
And all.

That's what I am sharing today with the one I am crossing the path - through Yoga, paintings,travellings and some therapeutic sessions.

And I like that.

(approximativ translation, Adamael)