After some big changes in my life,(NDE) I begun to paint intuitively, first with aquarell as an autodidact.
This way of painting felt to dry to me. I looked for something more fluide, more flexible, more unctuous - in the possibilities of mixtures - that's the way I came to the oil painting, intuitiv oil painting.

I took some teachings with: Nathalie Perler, Bulle / CH
Muriele Argoud, painter, Morges/CH; Ariane Schmid, NE, CH; Barbara Bonvin (pigments), Lausanne/CH

The most important aspect in this creativ approch for me, is the pleasure and the Joy of manifestation of the intuition of the heart through the infinit possibilities of the coulors, dimensions, lights ...

How to bring the vibration in the painting, in the matter, the energy that I see and feel?
How to transcendent ... the light ... into matter?

I create also painting if you wish / order one.

Several exibitions in the region: in some EMS and in international business: UNI GLOBAL UNION -NYON / CH, UNICREA -MORGES/CH

It makes now 6 years that I am playing with it.

NATEL: 041 - 079 821 91 33, CONTACT



My Paintings

If one of my paintings enchanted you or you would like seeing it, buying it please contact Adamael van Singer or come and visit me in LONAY / UNICREA / MAY 2014
NATEL: 041 079 821 91 33, CONTACT