Confirmed swiss therapist

Adamael van Singer has been working for many years. She gently accompanies you in the opening of a true vision of yourself and in the transformation of your imprints of the past.
Her years of training and her recognized and innovative technics allows you to find the way to being your true
self and to re-appropriate your free-will, thus, opening up many new possibilities in your life.

Adamael speaks french, english and german.


If you are living one of these situations ...

. Painful life situations, at a crossroad
. Physical,mental and emotional traumas (accidents,divorce,sexual abuse,etc)
. Near-death experience
. Extra-sensory perceptions
.Sickness and chronic pain
.Family conflicts, also with children and adolescents
. Work conflicts, professional insatisfaction
.Looking into personal developement,to know oneself, to refine the perception of
. The integration of a walk-in about it with Adamael



Shiatsu and metamorphosis (1976-1980)
Reflexology (1983)
Reiki (1988)
Lichtkörperbe- wustseinarbeit (1989)
Psychologische Gesprächsfuhrung und Beratungstechnik und Reinkarnationstherapie, selon
Ingrid Vallières (1994-95)

The Transformation Game TM (1995)
Descopem, proche du EMDR, Healer's Path (1995 and 1997)
Freeing the Pericardium (2004)
EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotrance (2004 and 2005)

Reconnective Healing, Dreamwalker Death Transition School (2007)
PSYCH-K (2007)
Sexual Energy School (2007)
2 Points Method
Support for Walk-In integration
Frank Kinslow (2014)
"Quantum Entraiment"
Jasmuheen (2015)
"le Meilleure de Nous-Même"